2023 Labor Law Update

Virtual Training on 1/17

2023 Labor Law Update

2021 AND 2022 were unprecedented years!

2023 looks to be a bit brighter regarding the pandemic, but the Legislature refocused its attention on passing a multitude of labor and employment bills. This presentation will go over critical updates for California employers, including:

New pay transparency requirements,
Mandatory bereavement leave,
Changes to the California Family Rights Act and paid sick leave law,
New cannabis use rights,
Minimum wage and exempt salary increases, and, of course,
COVID-related extensions and updates.
We will also cover industry-specific watershed bills, such as the FAST Act (impacting fast food restaurants), major labor relations changes in the agricultural industry, and new requirements for call centers.

Our training is unique in that we will not only cover the new laws, but our HR advisors will also discuss policy updates, practical guidance, and available resources. Of course, we are also here to answer your burning questions!

Join us to learn:
• New pay transparency requirements
• Mandatory bereavement leave
• Changes to the California Family Rights Act and paid sick leave law
• New cannabis use rights
• Minimum wage and exempt salary increases
• COVID-related extensions and updates.

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Assisted Career Services Orientation

02 March 2023

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06 February 2023

Public Notice Stanislaus County Workforce Development Publication of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act San Joaquin Valley and Associated Counties (SJVAC) Regional Planning Unit (RPU) Regional Plan Biennial Modification February 6, 2023

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