September is Workforce Development Month!

Are Workforce Development professionals the key to our economy?

September is Workforce Development Month!

There is an abundance of unemployed Americans, yet employers across the country report that they struggle to find qualified workers to fill the current job openings. Workforce development professionals help connect employers with jobseekers, and jobseekers with training resources. For those who are avidly searching for a job, these Workforce Development professionals can assist in resume building, interview skills, typing tests and connections to resources. For businesses looking for potential employees, services may include pre-apprenticeships, skills testing, and on-the-job training! Workforce Development professionals may not be the ONLY key to our economy, but they do play a huge part. 

If you know a Workforce Development professional, give them extra kudos this month! 


15 November 2023

You are invited to an important community gathering for an overview of ARPA dollars at work for the farmworker community residing in Stanislaus County. Your support is crucial to our community's growth and well-being. Let's come together to make a difference.

Central Vally Business Expo

01 November 2023

Join us on November 1st for an exceptional networking experience, bringing together entrepreneurs, businesses, and industry leaders from all across the region. Explore innovative products, forge valuable connections, and discover the opportunities that await you at this year’s Expo. Register at or call us at 209-558-HIRE to learn more and sign up for our business services.

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