09 January 2023

The Stanislaus County Workforce Development hereby provides notice of publication of the Stanislaus County Workforce Development Board Local Plan which provides guidance for implementation of the Federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act {WIOA) in Stanislaus County. These plan modifications have been developed in response to guidance from the California Employment Development Department. The Local Plan provides strategic direction for WIOA services, the Stanislaus County Workforce Development Board and America's Job Center of California activities.

News & Events

Nicolas Garibay was determined to succeed!

22 March 2022

Nicolas Garibay, age 35, ​was determined to receive his High School Equivalency (HSE) certificate from the moment he allowed himself to dream BIG. His desire was to attend Cal Trade Welding School in Modesto, but soon realized that he needed an HSE certificate to enroll.

In the Loop

09 February 2022

In the Loop: Governor Newsom signs new paid sick leave extension, expanded relief for small businesses, and historic package to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in California.

In need of HR advice?

20 December 2021

We are so excited to announce that the HR Hotline is LIVE! Stanislaus County Workforce Development has contracted California Employers Association to provide Stanislaus County employers with a no-cost Human Resource hotline! 

Cheers to your future!

19 November 2021

Congratulations to the students of the Valley Build MC3 Pre-Apprenticeship! The Valley Build MC3 Pre-Apprenticeship program gives a look into a career in building and construction.

September is Workforce Development Month!

12 September 2021

There is an abundance of unemployed Americans, yet employers across the country report that they struggle to find qualified workers to fill the current job openings. Workforce development professionals help connect employers with jobseekers, and jobseekers with training resources.

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